Top 10 Fastest Animals In The World

10. Brown Hare, 47.84 mph

Brown hare are small mammals native to western Europe and Asia. Brown hares are larger in size than that off rabbits, have longer legs, longer ears and black tips than rabbits. Brown hare can gain maximum speed of 47.84 mph.

The powerful hind legs of brown hare help them to gain speed in short time.



They normally runs in straight paths, also can change the direction in no time, can maintain speed in zingzag movement. The speedy movement of brown hare help them to escape from large number of natural predators.

Brown Hares graze on vegetation and nibble bark from young trees and bushes. Hares shelter in a ‘form’, which is simply a shallow depression in the ground or grasses, but when disturbed, can be seen bounding across fields using their powerful hind legs to propel them forwards, often in a zigzag pattern. They are commonest in grassland and at woodland edges. In early spring, Brown Hares are at their most visible as the breeding season encourages fighting or ‘boxing’.

Hares are a golden-brown colour, with a pale belly and a white tail. The Brown Hare is larger than the Rabbit, with longer legs and longer ears with black tips.

Widespread, found throughout England and Wales, but absent from northern Scotland and the Scottish Islands.