How to Properly Feed a Cat

Cats are domestic animals, although by nature they are predators. The digestive system of cats is significantly different from the human digestive system. A cat can not be fed «from the table» and one can not dramatically change a coma from one species to another.

Kitten from the mother is taken from 8 to 10 weeks. In the first days, when the kitten was taken from the mother’s milk, there may be a violation of the digestive system. Sometimes kittens do not carry milk from the store, in this case it is better to switch to cottage cheese. To feed a small kitten it is necessary five times a day, gradually to a year passing on one-two meals a day. When using dry food in a bowl, you need to fill the daily rate, the animal itself will set the desired mode.

If there is dry food in the cat’s diet, water consumption must be controlled. An animal should always have fresh drinking water. A very important point: if a cat consumes little water, its dry food is simply contraindicated, since it can overload its kidneys. Before buying a pet, we recommend that you study the breeds of cats and their customs. List of products that should be included in the cat’s menu: meat or minced meat, chicken, lamb, turkey. Minced meat, not in its composition, contain salt and spices. Egg and liver of beef must be given once or twice a week. From porridges it is possible to give rice, buckwheat.

Serve gruel better with pieces of meat, the ratio of meat and cereal should be 2: 1. Do not advise cats to use milk porridge. Sour-milk products can be given all but sour cream, the fat content of which is more than 10%. You can include bread in the diet, especially, which contains bran. Any vegetables that a cat likes can be given along with meat. As prevention, the cat needs to be given vitamins along with the food. A kitten must receive vitamin D and A for up to six months, following the correct dosage.

Adult cats are given vitamins all year round, you can not give vitamins to people. If there is no way to cook for the animal, the cat can be trained to dry food. Dry cat food can be consumed from 1.5 months. A cat can not be fed at the same time with natural food and dry food.

The gap between natural food and dry food should be at least six hours. Do not recommend the cat to feed the fish in any form, pork, food from the table — with salt, pepper, fried, beans, corn, peas. A lot of information about your favorite animals can be obtained on websites about pets. The website about pets provides a wide range of services for a pet. On the site you can find information about pet stores, veterinary pharmacies, beauty salons for pets, read the encyclopedia and also see pictures of animals.